Bonjour, darlings! Let’s chat about where in Paris…

Bonjour, darlings! Let’s chat about where in Paris…

Bonjour, darlings! Let’s chat about where in Paris you want to go! PLUS – TRAVEL TIP BELOW. Yesterday’s story and reel got all of you THINKING and SHARING, which I absolutely love 💕. Thank you for sharing all of your requests for fun places, new and old, for us to visit together.

I am doing my best to respond to each of you individually. But please know that I am making notes of all your requests!

I share a little feedback and my gratitude for our friendship and community in today’s video. And after that? A few belle moments from the countryside: the girls rolling in fresh-cut grass and a sunrise greeted by the birds.

I was asked recently about train travel in France and how I prefer to plan my trips. I have mentioned this application before, so I apologize to those familiar. But we are all learning and here to support each other!

And did I mention I have a France Travel Planner?!! Head on up to the link in my bio to check it out!!

My favorite app for booking train tickets (not metro) is @trainline . Now, this may not always be the best pricing for those who love a great discount and price shopping. But if you want an English-based app that is SUPER easy to use, keeps all of your tickets and profiles in one place, and doesn’t require mobile data to access at the train station, this one is for you!

I can even add profiles of my guests and family coming for a visit and book train tickets on their behalf.

I decided not to make the (boring!) drive into Paris and will be leaving from the Rennes train station. It’s a BEAUTIFUL new building, very modern, with fantastic shops and eateries. I hope to have the time to take videos of the station for you and an updated how-to-navigate a train station in France.

For now, I will wrap up my workday by taking a step outside and enjoying this 73-degree weather in sunny Bretagne.

Bisous, darlings!


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