Bisous, darlings! Here is a little video to put a …

Bisous, darlings! Here is a little video to put a …

Bisous, darlings! Here is a little video to put a smile on all of those beautiful faces of yours. And guess what? I helped one of our community members save FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS on her upcoming trip to Dinard! Wahoo!!!!!

While remaining anonymous, she permitted me to share the story:

A group member is traveling to Saint-Malo with her five-year-old child and planned to rent a car. Her only destinations were SM and Dinard. After reading my previous post, our fellow friend reached out to me asking if she needed to keep her car rental. After confirming a few details, we determined she did not need to rent a car, saving her over $1500 in car rental and parking fees. Woot!

Happy travels, my dear community member. I hope you enjoy the entire experience.

I adore you all and thank you SO so much for the fantastic feedback regarding my upcoming Brittany special edition travel guide.

There are two special editions I will be self-publishing as a digital download this year: The Honfleur & Calvados micro-region guide. And a comprehensive vacation guide for 22 Cotes d’Armor, Brittany. Of course, with that, I will be including a prominent feature about Dinard.

The timing of these publications will depend largely upon my “regular” work as a brand strategist and marketing consultant. After I teach my final class at the university in Rennes, I will be returning to Paris at the end of the month. And OH GOODNESS, am I about to have a crazy CRAZY schedule! However, I will be sharing sections of these Bretagne & Normandie special editions in my upcoming Paris Quarterly digital magazines.

My goal is to make all of France accessible to anyone who desires to know and learn more about this magnificent country.

Video description: While in Dinard for an RDV, we popped down to the beach, and these teenagers decided to play with the girls. Rose especially loved to chase the boys!

Bisous, darlings, and have a wonderful weekend!
Shannon (Pearl & Rose)


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