Bienvenue Automne. Welcome, Autumn. “Arriving in …

Bienvenue Automne. Welcome, Autumn. “Arriving in …

Bienvenue Automne. Welcome, Autumn.

“Arriving in triumphant silence,
Soft souled, and with
Melancholy dust, my lungs
Are crisp like the orchard apple,
(ful)filled with pendant smoke
of the first chimney fire.

O’ when my shadow lingers to look at me,
Capitulating to the forest floor,
Burgeoning with verdant life,
I welcome my golden reverie.”

Locations in this video in order of showing:
Champs de Mars (Scènes 1 & 2)
Le Flore en L’Ile
Place Dauphine
Pont Neuf
Jardin du Luxembourg (Scènes 5 & 6)
Left bank, Seine, Louvre
Quai de la Tournelle
Quai de Béthune (Scènes 9 & 13)
Allée des Fortifications
Porte de Passy
Jardin de Ranelagh
Rue Cortot
Rue Saint-Vincent
Jardin des Plantes (last three Scènes)

My adoration for this season knows no bounds. I am instantly pensive – I feel this perfect moment is unfairly short-lived compared to the others.

Winter arrives here in November, a bit rainy and angry with her cold, hard edges, frigid nights, and biting winds. Parisians reflect the weather like a mirror, their clothes turning black as night in the middle of the day.

Hiver settles in for an extended stay until February, four to five months before signs of blessed spring arrive.

As the crocus, daffodils, and cherry blossoms wake, so do our hearts to the opportunity of sunshine and hope. Spring will be here for three months.

June heralds a favorite time of the year for the French. The nights become long, and the vacations are even longer, as July, August, and the beginning of September are vacances, voyages, et rentrée.

By the time my beloved Autumn rolls around, she has but maybe a month and a half to share her beauty. Honestly, it’s incommensurate. Her beautiful golden hours, plaintive sunrises and nostalgic sunsets are the perfect backdrop for easy temperate days and cozy cool evenings.

Pajamas and books.
Long walks and soups to cook.
Crispy leaves and sweater sleeves.
Now, THAT is the stuff dreams are made of.

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