Best Tips : How To Shop at a Paris Marché. (Bastil…

Best Tips : How To Shop at a Paris Marché. (Bastil…

Best Tips : How To Shop at a Paris Marché. (Bastille Street Market Tour, Paris, France)

Bonjour, darlings! Today, let’s go on a video tour of the Bastille marché, a famous outdoor street market in Paris. This is one of my favorite food markets in the city, along with Marché Aligre. But the two are very different, and this particular market is dog-friendly!

Here’s what you will find in today’s video:
00:00 Introduction & Market Location
00:22 When to Arrive, Basic Layout & Market Hours
01:23 Tip 1: Look for Lines
01:35 Tip 2: Pay attention to what the Locals are Buying
01:46 A typical vendor & customer French conversation
02:18 How to Order a when you don”t know French
02:52 Goal: Try to learn numbers in French!
03:26 What to do if you have a Dog
03:44 Why you should tour the market before Buying
04:00 What to observe & look for at a marché
04:12 Types of payments accepted
04:36 Why Labels are Important
05:11 Steps & Etiquette when Ordering at a Vendor
05:56 How to order a flower bouquet

How to access: It’s easy. Head on up to the link in my bio! I have a link for you there.

What questions do you have about the French farmers and open-air markets? Have you visited a marché in France?

I hope you enjoy my video and tips. Thank you SO much for being here!

Bisous and big hugs from Paris,

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