Beach locations & tips for a day at the plage in F…

Beach locations & tips for a day at the plage in F…

Beach locations & tips for a day at the plage in France.

Are you daydreaming of someplace sunny and warm? France is bordered on three sides by pristine, white beaches perfect for soaking up the soleil. While this list isn’t exhaustive, here are a few sandy beach spots around France that I enjoy:

Plage de l’Ecluse, Dinard, Bretagne
Gouville-sur-Mer, Normandie
Plage du Petit Bec, Ile de Re
Plage de la Fontaine, Sete
Plage Mala, Cap d’Ail
Plage Notre Dame, Porquerolles
Plage Saint Michel, Erquy, Bretagne

My top tips when visiting a beach in France:

1 – The off-season is my favorite time to visit, with fewer crowds and no parking issues. Be prepared to bring your food and water as facilities and restaurants nearby may not be open yet for the season.

2 – Off-season is also when dogs are generally accepted on the beaches. Always check to make sure when each beach allows your fur family access, typically mid-September to mid-May.

3 – Check online reviews such as Google maps to understand the best parking options, if they are paid or not, and plan to arrive early.

4 – Please always read the tide charts and reviews about an individual beach to understand if there is a lifeguard, issues with waves, undercurrents, hidden obstructions, or toxic algae.

5 – You’ll also want to understand if the beach is family-friendly or “naturalist.”

6 – Some beaches in France do not offer toilet facilities. An alternative solution is to search for the nearest “mairie” or town hall, which almost always has a public toilet in the immediate area.

7 – Don’t expect to have garbage facilities at the trailhead. Pack out what you pack in. Please bring garbage bags and other supplies so that you can clean up after yourself.

8 – Consider wearing shoes at the low-tide surf line. A fish called the “vive” buries itself in the sand. If stepped upon, it’s sting is quite painful and can last up to 48 hours. They are especially prevalent in the south of France.

Bonnes vacances, darlings!

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