A slow-rise morning in France (or anywhere!). O…

A slow-rise morning in France (or anywhere!). O…

A slow-rise morning 🌞 in France (or anywhere!).

Our latest discussions have kicked up a whirlwind of your favorite morning routines. 👏 Many of you enjoy a curated entrance to the day, and I love our community of slow-rise beauties.

But what if you want to take advantage of this special moment while in France? Here’s where to go and what to shop for on any budget.

First, let’s start with the key ingredients for a great slow-rise (in my opinion):
° A comfy pair of pajamas
°Your go-to hot drink
°Flowers are so romantic
°A breakfast pastry
°And a good book, journal, or candle

If you were to purchase these items while in France, they all make for easy-to-pack keepsakes of your trip. And you can extend your experience when you return home!

BUDGET: @monoprix
Don’t choose the “mono’p” stores as that is a sub-brand that focuses on express grocery shopping. Choose the big Monoprix department stores with excellent Google ratings nearest to you. Some are hit and miss. They will carry everything on the list above AND MORE.

MID: @le_bhv_marais (🐶-friendly)
The only thing you cannot get on the list is flowers, but you can support your neighborhood florist for stunning fleurs – a sweet experience not to miss! Men’s clothing is across the street.

LUXURY: @lebonmarcherivegauche (🐶-friendly!)
I can lose hours, if not days, here. You’ll find everything on the list and more. Dogs are not allowed in the Grande Épicerie, accessible across the street or via a passage on the top floor. There are multiple eateries in this space, so fuel up if you’re feeling peckish.

You may be asking yourself, at this point, why would I “waste” time shopping for these things while I am in Paris?

° Think about waking up to this experience while you are here. How would that positively impact your trip?

° Think about waking up to these keepsakes at home. How would you feel holding or wearing your French treasures?

° And THIS 👉👉 When & why is self-care not a priority?

Bisous darlings.


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