A Perfect Sunday Picnic in Paris – Bastille Farmer…

A Perfect Sunday Picnic in Paris – Bastille Farmer…

A Perfect Sunday Picnic in Paris – Bastille Farmers Market Day Itinerary. 🧺


Has my recent market videos inspired you to visit a marché? Well, then you’ll love today’s post! I created a custom plan so you can have the PERFECT Sunday picnic in Paris.

With fresh seasonal products from artisans and producers all over France, you’ll have the ideal beginnings for a gorgeous picnic in a secret park.

What’s included in this day itinerary?

* History of a hidden park I am sending you, with photos on how to access.

* A full itinerary with step-by-step instructions and time allocation.

* A breakdown of your day starting at the Bastille Marché to gathering supplies.

* Access to a secret park and the best picnic location on GRASS! So rare in Paris.

* And a fantastic coffee shop to visit after.

* A custom Google map so you can easily find each place.

* A walking route.

* Information on the market and a checklist of things to bring for your experience.

* And access to a video with my tips and tricks for shopping a Paris farmers market.

Ten pages in total.

Head on up ☝️ to the link in my bio to download the itinerary now!

You can also access my e-shop from my website www.ThisFrench.Life.

Would you like more day trips and plans like this one? 😃👍 Send me a DM with your ideas, and I will make one just for you!

Bisous and big hugs from Paris,


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