A grande connected monde, thanks to you!

A grande connected monde, thanks to you!

A grande connected monde, thanks to you!

A big merci to all of you who messaged me after listening to @loulabelles_francofiles podcast interview avec moi. Your feedback and encouragement are so inspiring!

Many of you are interested in my backstory and how I arrived in France. I have part of that story on my blog's "about" page, which is also linked in my Instagram bio. I often receive questions about my visa process, so I include that story too.

Today, through my work and "This French Life," my magazine "The Paris Quarterly," and all the other content I publish, I intend to lead a brave life and inspire others to do the same - albeit on this platform, through the lens of a Francophile lifestyle.

My purpose is to help educate and guide others towards that path, whether on a big journey of moving to France or just a "small" step in living out that lifelong dream of traveling to this country.

I have, am, and will continue to make loads of mistakes as an immigrant, person, and human being navigating this beautifully imperfect life. But I am responsible for the life that I purposefully curate and believe that everything you put into the world, hopefully with love, empathy, compassion, and passion, will return to you.

I see that in the community we have created here - together. You share my content; you bring others to join. Some are here for just a little to learn and prepare for your travels. And others might be here for a lot longer - we have become good amis, à distance, sharing your light and love with me.

Ultimately, the only person I need to make proud is myself. But I hope that through my efforts, transparency, willingness to connect and share, give of my time and resources, you, too, will be inspired to live out your dreams.

If you have questions for me after listening to @loulabelles_francofiles podcast interview, please put them in the comments below or DM me.

Bisous and wishing you the very best day (or evening) ahead, darlings,

Photo location: Near my home in my beloved Bretagne, Côtes d’Armor.
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