A Dimanche (Sunday) in Paris. The last few days …

A Dimanche (Sunday) in Paris. The last few days …

A Dimanche (Sunday) in Paris.

The last few days at our country house in Bretagne brought up a bag of mixed emotions. It was a very trying season for me, as I experienced a physical and mental drought this summer.

I anticipated long, warm nights enjoying time in the garden and sunny days at the beach. Instead, renovations took their toll while heatwave after heatwave rolled through, keeping the girls and I locked indoors.

And my mind was a bit locked up, too – a brain fog settled in, and I struggled to know what to say or share with you. I couldn’t ignore the restlessness and urge to return to Paris, where my creativity, soul, and heart resides.

For now, I am blind with pure joy to have returned to #Paris. I woke up Sunday morning and couldn’t get dressed fast enough. I took the girls for their morning walk and to see the river Seine. With each step, the anxiety of this past summer and its challenges seemed to melt away.

The girls immediately ran into some of their fur friends, and I saw some of mine. I worked my way towards @noir_coffeeshop for bags of freshly roasted beans, and my local grocer was out collecting the garbage bins. He waved kindly and claimed, “I am glad you are back!”

Franck, who owns the neighborhood cheese shop Le Ferme Saint-Aubin, raced up on his motorcycle with his son on the back and came to a firm stop. His arms open wide, he shouted, “Ma chérie, you have returned!” and planted a kiss firmly on my cheek. We drank espresso outside Noir and caught up on the summer happenings.

The fourth annual ceramic show on the island featured bright white stands on Pont Louis-Philippe, offering many talented artists. I decided on a wind chime and a jellyfish-inspired mobile for the house in Bretagne. We then hurried off to claim an outside terrace seat at @LesFoodiesParis for the perfect Sunday brunch. A walk and nap along the river in the autumn sunshine was the end of a perfectly Parisian day.

Bisous from Paris & wishing you an excellent week ahead,

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