72 Hours in Chablis. I have lived or visited som…

72 Hours in Chablis. I have lived or visited som…

72 Hours in Chablis.

I have lived or visited some of France’s most internationally famous wine regions. Living in Beaune was a dream come true on many levels.

But what I loved most about my recent stay in the Chablis region is her approachable, friendly, authentic nature.

There was a moment while we were enjoying a pitcher (for 24 euros!) of premier cru in the local watering hole, and I scanned the crowd. To my left were two gentlemen, a couple with their dog from England, enjoying a charcuterie board. A local family in the cozy side room celebrating a birthday. Unpretentious vingerons (winemakers) in jeans and faded hoodies, the clay mud still caked to their boots, bucking and chuffing over a joke. A couple that we kept running into at the Sunday marché, also with their baskets, stopped for a snack before moving on to Sunday dinner activities.

It was the dead of winter, the slowest time in this region, but this village’s conviviality, vibrancy, energy, and charm was intoxicating.

Everyone we met was genuinely friendly, kind, approachable, and open. They were generous with their time, resources, talents, and traditions dating back hundreds of years.

The village of Chablis dates to the Roman period, with the construction of four major villas. The vines were removed under Emperor Domitian (81-96) but were replanted under Emperor Probus (276-282) – over 18 centuries ago.

Later, Chablis wines were transported to Paris via the River Yonne long before the advent of the railways. There, they graced the tables of kings and queens. The earliest written record of Chablis wine outside the region dates to 1455.

For those not interested in wine tasting and buying, this region is a stunning, affordable choice for hiking, biking, and exploring its many chateaus and incredible history. It is a top destination for autumn colors. And quickly accessible from Paris in 1.5 hours by the A6 autoroute.

Cheers, 🥂 darlings.

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