What are you dreaming about, darling? At the end…

What are you dreaming about, darling? At the end…

What are you dreaming about, darling?

At the end of February 2020, my son came home from university in Lyon for the regularly scheduled school break. And he never returned. We passed most of the Covid confinements in the Bretagne countryside, building chicken coops and gardens, and I made him fresh bread every day. It was the dream I never expected – I cherished the opportunity to have so much time to connect with my adult son.

And while I relished the opportunity to take care of us in a simple way, I also dreamed of more when the restrictions lifted and life returned to “normal.” I wasn’t sure how to express my love for this country and my experiences in France. But I knew I wanted to take the gift of time and put it to good use. So, I created “This French Life.”

Fast forward to now, and I would never have envisioned that my pandemic project could evolve into a community of beautiful, like-minded Francophiles and a magazine available in digital and print formats worldwide.

And while I believe that it is essential always to have goals and strive for improvement, it’s also important to be open to new ideas and let your dreams evolve.

Just as we were not the same person ten or twenty years ago, our desires, passions, and pursuits also develop and bloom.

What do you dream of, darling?

I step into 2023 with:
A heart full of gratitude and joy,
A mind open and ready for new opportunities,
A passion for discovery and creation,
A belief that life is curated through intent and manifesting your dreams,
And a desire for grace, to let the next year bloom and unfold in its own beautiful and imperfectly perfect way.

Merci for your kindness, encouragement, support, and friendship. I wish you all so much joy and abundance in the next year.

Bon réveillon,
See you all in 2023,

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