We made it!

We made it!

We made it!

After almost six hours on the road, Pearl, Rose, and I are home. The girls napped the whole way to the house in Bretagne, with a brief stop outside Le Mans for lunch.

It's hard to express what it is like to be back in this house. When I left almost nine months ago, major construction had just started on the property.

I had big plans for the RDC (rez de chaussée / ground floor) of the main house:

° Tear down a lean-to storage, which housed my hot water heater, and add almost 60 m2 of new living room space,
° Move the guest bathroom across the house,
° Gut the kitchen,
° And tear down a wall in the buanderie (laundry room) to expand the space.

No room on the RDC was spared in this stage of the renovation. And while my GC was fantastic and sent as many videos and photos as he could, well... you know how it is. There is nothing like physically being there yourself.

And it took my breath away. The changes are everything I was hoping for and so much more.

Over the summer, I plan to compile a comprehensive video journey of the property. The previous owners were from Scotland and took on the 11,000+ m2 land and its four buildings in a derelict state. The photos are astonishing to see what it was like before. During the height of Covid, they were uncertain and scared - as we all were. And they chose to sell the property, after years of hard work, and return to their family.

Plus, I have images from the first day I toured the house to its current state. Putting that into an edited video will be a big summer project, but I think it'd be worth the effort, don't you?

For now, my Instagram channel will remain mainly dedicated to tourism & travel in France. If you'd like to follow along on my personal journey of living in the French countryside, please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. There's a link in my bio or search for "This French Life" on YouTube.

Merci et bon-weekend, darlings!

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