WAAAAAHOOOOOO!!! This is my 801st post on this acc…

WAAAAAHOOOOOO!!! This is my 801st post on this acc…

WAAAAAHOOOOOO!!! This is my 801st post on this account, and we are now 🥳19,000🥳 strong in our beautiful TFL community! Bienvenue to our newest members – WELCOME, I am SO glad you are here. 🥰 If you are new to “This French Life,” there are all sorts of ways to join in on the fun with our group. Here are just a few:

~ We have an email newsletter where I share insider info, early releases, and access to videos;

~ There’s a book club with a private Facebook group and email series (DM for info!);

~ I have a 50-page travel planner to help you prepare for your BEST trip to anywhere in France;

~ There’s a This French Life YouTube and Facebook channel;

~ And a digital magazine called “The Paris Quarterly.” Our last edition featured all things autumn in Paris is over 100 pages long! And our winter edition is looking to be over TWO HUNDRED. 👏

The magazine is perfect for anyone who loves Paris, whether you’re planning to travel here soon or in the coming years.

Head on up ☝️ to the link in my bio to check out all of these tools and resources. My French 🇫🇷 visa and immigration journey is linked in my bio too!

Practically every day, either in my stories or in my feed, I share my personal experiences in France. My goal is to inspire those who want to travel or move to this incredible country; or bring a little bit of France to those who cannot do either.

I respond to ALL of the messages I receive because I am grateful for every one of you. The time you take out of your busy lives to message me, support my work, and share your encouragement makes my heart so full. A million merci’s 💝.

I also want to thank Janelle of @myparisportraits for the fun new autumn 🍂 photos. You are a blessing to have in my life. The community of ex-pats and immigrants that live here in Paris never ceases to amaze me with their talents, kindness, friendship, and care.

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,


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