VIDEO International Women’s Month: Week 1, Part 3 Saint Geneviève

VIDEO International Women’s Month: Week 1, Part 3 Saint Geneviève

Working on Sainte Geneviève’s story has been a pretty magical experience for me. She unlocked all sorts of hidden treasures and history that I remained unaware of until now. Admittedly, I have walked by so many of these locations, hurridly on to another space and place. 💃🏼And I was doing so without taking the time to develop a sense of curiosity.

For me, discovery brings a sense of joy and play that is hard to find elsewhere. One of the lessons I have to keep relearning here is to slow down, take in my surroundings, and not let language be a barrier. It is easy to hide behind that. Self-talk: “I don’t know what that sign means… I don’t recognize that name… I don’t know if I am allowed in there.” 👎

The self-talk should be: “I will take a photo of this sign and look up the translation. If there is a plaque or statue of this person, they were important, and I should learn about that. And unless it says “interdit,” explore with safety and wonder in mind.” 👍

In this last episode, part 3 of 3, I share with you the final steps in our walking tour of Sainte Geneviève. We learn about Geneviève’s connection with the Pantheon, head down to the Jardin du Luxembourg, and are treated to some live music too. 🥳

Side note: There is the Biblioteque Sainte Geneviève. However, due to Covid restrictions and the fact that the building was at capacity, I could not get in to share that with you. I promise to go back and, to be quite honest, it is worthy of its own visit! 👏

Enjoy this last episode. I look forward to your feedback and have a magical weekend!

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

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