Slayed my to-do list, too. #boss Putting my strat…

Slayed my to-do list, too. #boss Putting my strat…

Slayed my to-do list, too. #boss

Putting my strategic branding work on pause for a summer break, I head back to Bretagne and my country house on Friday. But don’t worry… I still have a lot of Paris goodies to share with you before I bore you with white sandy beaches and emerald-colored seas. 😆🏖

For those who are new here, here’s a quick intro to moi:
° I love to travel ALL of France
° But I have a place in Paris for my work, and I own a house in Bretagne (Brittany), France
° I used to own a PR & marketing agency in the States
° But now I am a brand strategy, marketing, & PR consultant based in ma belle Paris
° I started This French Life in January 2021 to share my experiences with others
° And I am a Virgo checklist maker who likes to focus on logistics, how-to’s, hidden spaces & places, and French lifestyle hacks
°My two French bulldogs, Pearl and Rose, are also from Bretagne
° I have a blended family of three kids, the youngest being 24
° My favorite French patisserie: Paris Brest
° My favorite bread to buy in France: A campagne or rustic whole loaf
° My favorite classic French appetizer: escargot 🐌 or huîtres 🦪
° My favorite main dish: oeuf en meurette, socca, galette complet, moules marinière, boeuf tartare

I also receive a lot of questions about language learning – and it’s been 99% through immersion.

And the other question I often receive is how I moved to France & what visa I have – find that story link in my bio!

Inevitably this post will encourage questions about fashion.

Sunglasses all by @jimmyfairly

I think the key to my personal style is a lot of neutrals, classic, and quality pieces. I rarely buy into trends. My current evaluation marker: “Is it elegant?”

The pieces that stay in my closet longest tend to be neutral or gem-toned in color and were a bit of a budget stretch when I purchased them. The ones out the door quickest? Cheap, on-trend, or fast-fashion. I pay special attention to clothing choices that I can wear year-round.

Bisous from Paris,


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