ROAD TRIP DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Annnnnnd that’s a wrap,…

ROAD TRIP DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Annnnnnd that’s a wrap,…

ROAD TRIP DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Annnnnnd that’s a wrap, folks! 👏Today is our final day on Ile de Re before we head out and complete the last leg of our journey – the drive to our home in Bretagne (Brittany).

What I have for you today: SWIPE 👉 & SAVE 👇 : Swipe 👉 through this post to discover nearby La Rochelle, another wonderful town to add to your travel list! La Rochelle is located right next to Ile de Re, on the mainland, and a treasure not to miss! Tap the bookmark icon to save 👇 this post for your vacation planning to France.

What’s coming up: Admittedly, it has been challenging to post daily videos throughout this road trip. 😅 So, the frequency will go back to a bit of a “normal” pace when I return to our house for the summer. Meanwhile, I look forward to sharing my gorgeous Cotes d’Armor with you throughout the summer months. I love her history, a “Breizh” culture unique to the area, cuisine, artists, and beautiful villages and locations throughout the region.

Personal travel planning takeaways from this trip: I have thought a lot about what we loved 🥰 most about this journey and compared it to others. Jeff and I came up with this list that we plan on using to audit and help us plan for our future travels around France 🇫🇷

Location: We are decidedly drawn to water 🌊 and will focus on staying in places on rivers, canals, lakes, or oceans, using that as a home base to discover the micro-region.

Place: Without a doubt, mid-sized, authentic homes with loads of amenities and charm is a primary focus for us. The quality of the vacation rental means a lot to us and affects our stay significantly. We will continue to place a priority on this. ✅

Ecotourism: I would like to continue to make this another primary goal of our travels, including researching in advance locally sourced foods, farms, purveyors, auberges, cantines, and buvettes, plus ecotourism related activities. 👍👍

What do you think about this list?

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,


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