ROAD TRIP DAY SIX: Have you heard of the term “slo…

ROAD TRIP DAY SIX: Have you heard of the term “slo…

ROAD TRIP DAY SIX: Have you heard of the term “slow travel?” If not, keep on reading! 👍 If you have, head on up to my Instagram story to watch a few updates and get your weekly dose of Friday Funnies! 👆👆

Slow travel is a concept, an approach to traveling that focuses more on connecting to a place than cramming your schedule full of activities. Slow travel is about immersing yourself in the immediate area – the people, the culture, art, cuisines, and artisans. It is an opportunity to take a step back, remove the pressure of a jam-packed itinerary, and relax into the moments of space, time, and place.

For me, having one priority focus or project per day allows the rest to fall into place without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. Slow travel is more about the quality of the experience than the quantity of what you will see. Yesterday, I only did one major thing: I went on a horseback ride in the Camargue. But I will say, because I did something that I genuinely am passionate about, a creature comfort, through the lens of France and its local history and culture, it will undoubtedly be one of my favorite memories of this trip.

This road trip was a VERY last-minute decision and planned in only about a week and a half. For future trips in France, I would like to focus even more on volunteerism, sustainability, and the environment and share similar projects in these communities.

Slow travel vocab: Relax, discover, play, wonder, learn, wander, enjoy, ponder, feel, leisurely, stroll, community, connection, local, perspective, authentic.

TODAY’S SWIPE 👉 & SAVE 👇 : Speaking of slow travel, a great place to connect with locals is the farmer’s market. Swipe 👉 to discover a few of our fav marchés in Provence. Then save 👇 for your next to the south of France!

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