Pearl’s Fourth Birthday Surprise - A balloon fest!

Pearl’s Fourth Birthday Surprise - A balloon fest!

Pearl’s Fourth Birthday Surprise - A balloon fest!


Pearl adores balls, balloons, and RC cars. And her favorite activity is to pop balloons as fast as possible! She destroyed them all in under three minutes flat. 😆

To reach the age of four years old is a significant milestone for French bulldogs. Their first couple of years are often fraught with complicated health issues and many threats of death or permanent paralysis from IVDD, respiratory problems, and more.

In the past four years, Pearl and I have traveled to 10 of the 11 departments in France, moved seven times, survived a global pandemic, and eaten countless croissants together. She is my little dynamite hero packed into a tiny 12-kilo body.

Pearl and Rose are true sisters with the same mom and dad. But Rose was born about a little over a year after Pearl. They’re from a little hamlet outside of Sable-sur-Sarthe, and it’s thanks to this kiddo, I learned about (and fell in love with) Bretagne.

French bulldogs are an incredibly intelligent, active breed, and Pearl is bilingual with a massive vocabulary in both French and English. She’s kind, empathetic, and a nurse at heart - if you’re sick, sad, or in pain, she won’t leave your side.

Giving the girls moments of joy, fun, variety, and entertainment is one of my favorite ways to give back for all they do to bring so much happiness into my life.

I hope this video brought you a laugh or two as well.

P.S. If you are considering bringing a French bulldog into your life, PLEASE research this breed thoroughly. I suggest joining the “French Bulldog Lovers” group AND the “French Bulldog IVDD Support” group on Facebook to better understand these special babies’ complications.

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