Partner feature 6 of 6: Atelier Tours Paris (@atel…

Partner feature 6 of 6: Atelier Tours Paris (@atel…

Partner feature 6 of 6: Atelier Tours Paris (@ateliertoursparis).

Did you miss my video tour featuring Eric? I am sharing it again in my Instagram story because he is one of the sweetest souls on this planet. Living in France is a dream come true for Eric. The love affair with French culture started in his college years while studying at the Sorbonne. That experience made a lasting impact and fueled a passion for Paris that has stayed with him throughout his professional and personal life.

Today, Eric offers exquisite tours in Paris, Chantilly, and beyond. While he collaborates with @zcurated on the @artheartwalkingtours project, ATELIER TOURS PARIS is different. That particular “je ne sais quoi” you’ve heard about? Well, it is real. If you are ready for a fantastic life journey steeped in food, wine, and artful passion, Eric will be your guide through a transformative experience.

@ateliertoursparis creates bespoke tours and trips, and they pledge to merge their three pillars of 1. Exceptional Service, 2. New Luxury, and 3. “Private Access Moments” into a seamless and carefree voyage of comfort and safety. By keeping the expedition group sizes small, ATELIER TOURS PARIS can quickly adapt to your passions, interests, and sparks of curiosity, allowing you a more intimate Parisian experience.

When I am around Eric, I feel like he’s an old soul, radiating kindness and positive energy to all around him. I love Eric’s soothing voice and how he describes what you see, your environment, and what you are experiencing on his tours as you visit exclusive gallery collections and art exhibits or explore world-class antique markets with their expert guides. Breathtaking architecture, stunning gardens, memorable meals – These truly transformative journeys are custom designed for the discerning traveler moved by beauty and French culture.

ATELIER TOURS. Featuring Extraordinary Small Group Journeys in Paris and Chantilly Website:


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