No filter needed. Has the weather been different t…

No filter needed. Has the weather been different t…

No filter needed. Has the weather been different this year in your part of the world? So far, summer has yet to arrive in Bretagne. It has been unseasonably wet all year. ☔️ It was the reason why we left Paris (see the virtual road trip saved in my Instagram highlights or on Youtube) a bit early to head south for sunshine and to “dry out.” 🌞 In Brittany, everyone is grumbling under their breath, lamenting whenever possible how this year has been unlike any other.

Speaking with a shopkeeper on Ile de Brehat yesterday, we chatted for a while about the rain. It has been the biggest reason why I haven’t been sharing as many videos and vlogs with you lately – I simply can’t get out there to share these places with you. Yet. 😉 After a few minutes of complaining, the shopkeep and I came to the same conclusion: there’s a reason why we all choose to live here in Bretagne. And a lot of it is about the weather and way of life here.

We prefer wellies, jeans, and sweaters to tank tops. We love cool nights over sweltering heat, temperate weather, and lush green rolling hillsides. It is life a bit salty next to the ocean. 🌊 She expressed the same concern that I have these days – that France is getting hotter every year. And Brittany is one of the few remaining places that is a respite from the increasing heat. Back in the States, temperatures soared at our house in the Portland area, up to 116 f / almost 47 c. Incredible. 🥵

I have been watching the weather forecast closely. And it would seem that summer MIGHT finally arrive towards the end of next week. 🥳 Just in time for a special Instagram live that I will be announcing in the next 24-48 hours. Stay tuned!

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend ahead, full of good food, friends, family, and great memories.

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,


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