My Easter Sunday in Paris - A few memorable moments to share with you.

My Easter Sunday in Paris - A few memorable moments to share with you.

My Easter Sunday in Paris - A few memorable moments to share with you.

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I thought you might like to see some highlights from my lovely day with the girls. I find Easter to be extra special here in France. The energy feels a bit like a Springtime Christmas, with all the decor, gifts, events, and activities the neighborhood churches offer. With the trees starting to leaf out and the flowers coming into bloom, it’s a beautiful time of year to visit Paris.

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I have never been the paw-rent of small dogs before. As a child and adult, I grew up around labradors and german Shorthaired pointers. It has been quite the learning curve to understand these little French bulldogs. But one of the great pleasures is their intelligence and personalities, akin to a toddler’s.

They delight in children’s activities - slides, playground equipment, stuffed toys, clothes, playing games, music, water, and bathtime. Pearl especially enjoys these things, and you can see it from the massive grin on her face while riding a carousel for the first time. I will post the whole series of photos and videos tomorrow because it’s just too darn cute.

And while others may not understand or agree with dogs being treated like children, they bring me so much joy every day, and giving them a special Easter treat was such a pleasure.

Locations in order of appearance:
° Ile Saint-Louis
° Esplanade du Quai Saint-Bernard
° Sculpture of Sainte-Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris, on Pont de la Tournelle
° Hôtel de Ville for bubbles & carrousel rides
° Rue de la Verrerie
° and back to Ile Saint-Louis for ice cream & riverside relaxing

Bisous & bonne journée, darlings!

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