ITINERARY: Rennes to the beaches of Bretagne, Fran…

ITINERARY: Rennes to the beaches of Bretagne, Fran…

ITINERARY: Rennes to the beaches of Bretagne, France.

If you have been around here for a bit, you know that I am a big fan of slow travel. This itinerary represents that. When you travel, especially in a foreign country, I believe that being fully present and intentional with moving through these spaces is also a sign of respect.

Consider the historical events, good and bad, that have happened over hundreds of years as you walk the cobblestones. Appreciate all of the hard work that the artisans, artists, and small business owners go through to put that meal in front of you.

Moving through these spaces and places in a slower, more intentional way allows you to experience the environment in a whole new way. You become less of a tourist. And more of a slow traveler.

My suggested Paris to Cotes d’Armor, France Itinerary:
Best time of year: Late May through June, or September.

Day 1. Paris, Gare Montparnasse train station – direct to Rennes is 1.5 hours. Arrive, have lunch, check into your hotel, and visit the tourism office for walking maps in English.

Day 2. Rent a car and drive to Dinan in the morning. Watch my Dinan tour for ideas and where to explore.

Leave by late afternoon and drive to Dinard. Stroll along the beach boardwalk and take in views of Saint-Malo across the bay. Have a glass of rosé on the beach.

Continue to Saint-Malo (see my video) and check into your hotel.

Day 3. Mont Saint Michel (I have multiple videos). Book your tickets to the abbaye in advance. Return to Saint-Malo.

Day 4. Head over to Cancale (video available!) for two famous culinary treats: the Breton galette at @breizhcafe_fr & freshly shucked oysters from the internationally renowned stands overlooking the bay. Return along the coastline and stop to explore the many gorgeous beaches.

Day 5. The train station from Saint-Malo has a direct by to Paris. Have lunch (my fav is @bergamotesaintmalo)and then arrive in Paris by the afternoon for a walk along the Seine and dinner out.


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