If you dig way back in my feed, all the way to Sep…

If you dig way back in my feed, all the way to Sep…

If you dig way back in my feed, all the way to September 21, 2017, you will see additional photos of the family-owned Château Ormesson (pictured in this first slide). I joined a team of movie directors and producers on a site scout tour of the property, built at the end of the XVI century (from the 1580s). In various stages of renovation (1pr étage) to disrepair (2nd, 3rd & 4th floor), details like the rosary attached to the headboard, bed linens, and personal items strewn about made it feel like the family just left a few days ago.

Tucked away on the 2nd floor was an altar room with tiny stained glass windows. As we walked the grounds, in sort of an eery silence, the horse chestnut trees had dropped their “konkers,” suitable only for pigs 🐖 and keeping spiders out of the house. I picked a few up and slipped them into my pocket. We walked down a disused lane, and the guide showed us the old well and stone storage where they had ice deliveries by wagon. As we wandered through the rose gardens, I picked my second treasure; a beautiful vintage rose in full bloom 🌹. I pressed it for my grandmother to give it to her someday, one day. It lives in a book that I keep coming across, and I keep forgetting to send to her. Now it’s too late. 😞 Perhaps I should create a collage of these little “trucs” that I discover.

TODAY’S SWIPE 👉 & SAVE 👇 : If you would like to visit a French château, then this is the list for you! These mansions are open to the public and easily accessible from Paris. Swipe 👉 through to find your favorite and then save 👇 for your next trip!

I wish you a truly wonderful week ahead. 🥰 Do you have any fun projects or activities you are looking forward to?

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷, forever.

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