I love quick tips and practical time and money-sav…

I love quick tips and practical time and money-sav…

I love quick tips and practical time and money-saving hacks, especially when visiting or living in France. Look, I love the special moments I have had at farmer’s markets or cheesemongers in their gorgeous stores. For me, a big part of my gastronomic experience in France centers around dairy, carbs, and wine!

Q: But what if you feel intimidated by language barriers? What if you don’t want huge chunks of cheese but just smaller slices? What if you are in a hurry and need a fast and easy solution for your French picnic? What if you live alone with two French bulldogs and don’t want a ton of cheese but want to treat yourself to a sampling of your French favorites?!!

A: The supermarché cheese tray.

Today’s video short introduces you to a money and hosting time-saving hack – the supermarché cheese tasting tray. Now, I will say that if your guests are big Fromage lovers and know their way around a fab French triple cream, I’d probably steer clear of this tip.

Otherwise, this hack is for you! Perfect for picnics on the fly, grab a bottle of chilled rosé in the frigo section, round out the selection with an apple or fresh pear, and stop in at the neighborhood boulangerie for a baguette. This is a cheap and easy solution for a picnic on the fly!

For me, I love these little cheese trays as a splurge between visits from my husband (who lives in the States for work part-time). I crave my favorite treats but don’t want to bring big slices home from the cheesemonger. But isn’t that what life is about here? Eating and drinking and enjoying all of your surroundings in this gorgeous country is why we are here! Cheese is living history & it’s a huge part of the culture, terroir and a sense of place in France.

While I prefer the hyper-local, artisan, & produits de saison, I sometimes choose these little cheese trays because they’re the perfect size for me to snack on for a week – and I don’t waste any of it. 😉😋

What is your fav French cheese?

Bisous from France,


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