House tour! Je suis à Normandie!! I will admit, th…

House tour! Je suis à Normandie!! I will admit, th…

House tour! Je suis à Normandie!! I will admit, the last month and a half passed in a blur. OMG… I left my flat in Paris at the end of January with a HUGE list of to-dos for the house in Bretagne. 😅

Fast forward to today (list ✅), and as I drove away from our home, I felt proud of what I have accomplished in such a short time, more in love with the property than ever, but also VERY ready for a break. During those renovations, I also helped launch two new brands and created a strategic marketing plan for a national corporation. Tired much? 😬

Property found via @abritelfr

As I mentioned yesterday, I will explore this micro-region of #Honfleur in-depth within one hour of my temporary home base. This area offers SO much without needing to travel far! But I also want to stay close to this super cozy home because the gas prices are outrageous at the moment. It currently costs me 225$ to fill up the tank on my car.

It took about an hour to upload my Insta story today. I expected the internet to be slow while out here. I won’t be able to upload long-form videos or YouTube while I am at this location. So stay close to my Instastories.

Today’s vocab:
half-timbered homes – an iconic architectural sight in Normandie dating back to the 15th century.

tomettes – the hexagonal terracotta tomette tile was first adopted in the south of France, estimated around the early 18th century. They are known for their ease of daily use, cleaning, and staying cool in the summer, but they can be overly cold in the winter unless you have proper heating.

Normandie – the proper way to write “Normandy” in French. One of the first things I learned about the French vs. the English language is how we (equally!) name and spell our places. Brittany = Bretagne

A couple other examples:
Germany = Allemagne
UK = Royaume-Uni
United States = États-Unis
Australia = Australie

Bisous from our new cozy cabin tucked up into the hillsides of Normandie, France,
Shannon, Rose, and Pearl


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