Day Nine (countdown to a very Frenchie Christmas…

Day Nine (countdown to a very Frenchie Christmas…

Day Nine (countdown to a very Frenchie 🐾 🎄 Christmas!): What was your favorite childhood gift that you received from Santa 🎅?

I was the babydoll type of kid, and I loved dressing and undressing my babies. I guess that hasn’t changed, has it?!! Ha!

There was one doll in particular that I loved. I would dress her each morning and set her up on the chair by the kitchen. I’d instruct my mother that she had to take care of the doll while I was gone at school. And I remember being so upset if it was clear that my mother hadn’t moved the baby all day. 🤣

Later on, that doll used to sit on my grandmother’s day bed in her art room. It always made me smile when I’d pop my head into her hobby space to see that baby still propped up, dressed up, and ready to go.

As far as Pearl and Rose go, they love stuffed animals. They don’t tear them apart, but some do get loved “to death.” 😬😅 I like to take the girls to the fifth floor at BHV in Paris. It’s the level where the children’s toys are located, and there is a HUGE section of stuffed animals. It would be so fun to let them off-leash!! Can you imagine?


In this Frenchie advent calendar, we are counting down the days to when the girls get to meet Santa 🎅 and open their presents. I have been collecting little stuffed animals, their favorite toy, and will wrap each one for them to open on Christmas day.

Bisous and big holiday hugs 🤗 from Paris, France,
Shannon, Pearl, and Rose

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷, forever.

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