(Day itinerary below!) The « Belle Epoque » Carrousel, Hôtel de Ville (IVe), Paris France.

(Day itinerary below!) The « Belle Epoque » Carrousel, Hôtel de Ville (IVe), Paris France.

(Day itinerary below!) The « Belle Epoque » Carrousel, Hôtel de Ville (IVe), Paris France.

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In 2017, this carousel was privately owned by a woman in her 70s as her primary source of income. I am unsure if she and her family still own it to this day, but the « Belle Epoque » is a marked staple of the Hôtel de Ville courtyard.

For four euros, you can ride her double-decker wooden horses, benches, carriages, teacups, giraffes, and lions. Unlike others around the city of Paris, such as the carrousel at the base of the Eiffel Tower, this one plays circus organ music. I find it incredibly amusing!

Here is a day itinerary for a child of any age - indulge and enjoy!

° STOP 1 - Jardin Anne Frank. This community garden and its high walls trace Paris’s ancient city walls (the central plot dates back to the 17th century) & is a popular and protected space for families. Many come here for birthday parties to decorate the trees. I love stopping here to enjoy the merriment, rest amongst the stunning trellis and roses, and the peace. Its name pays homage to Anne Frank (1929-1945). Be sure to say hello to the chestnut tree, a graft of the same chestnut Anne Frank admired from her window.

° STOP 2 - The Stravinsky Fountain is a whimsical public fountain ornamented with sixteen works of sculpture, moving and spraying water, representing the works of composer Igor Stravinsky. NOTE: The fountains are turned off during winter months.

° STOP 3 - Café Livres for lunch. Coffee, breakfast & salads, classic French (plus burgers and milkshakes!), in a relaxed, book-lined setting.

° STOP 4 - « Belle Epoque » Carrousel, Hôtel de Ville.

° STOP 5 - BHV. The children’s department has an extensive array of clothing and toys. Or visit another floor for games, books, or your favorite « toy! »

° STOP 6 - @berthillon_officiel on Ile Saint-Louis to have an ice cream sundae next to the river and a little stroll after.

Bonne journée, darlings!

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