After traveling around France for more than eleve…

After traveling around France for more than eleve…

After traveling around France 🇫🇷 for more than eleven years, I decided to purchase a home in Brittany (Bretagne), France. And my only regret? That I don’t have ten more lifetimes to spend here. 😉

Today, I share with you a few of my favorite beaches in the region of Cotes d’Armor, department 22. If you come from Paris, I suggest taking a train to either Saint-Malo, which puts you close to Cancale and Mont Saint-Michel. Or a train to Saint-Brieuc will put you close to Erquy and the fabulous beach villages up to Paimpol and Ile de Brehat.

I prefer the app @trainline (@trainlinefrance) for booking my train 🚊 tickets. The application is in English, and you can easily search for various destinations, times, and pricing. And the app remembers your profile as well as the profile of your fellow travelers for easy booking. Your tickets 🎟 are saved directly on the application, eliminating the need for a printer while you travel.

Questions I often receive about Bretagne include:

Q – But I thought Brittany was cold and rainy?
A – No, absolutely not. If you love dry heat above 80 degrees, you will want to consider the south of France. But if you prefer more temperate climates, especially summers in the ’70s, this is your place!

Q – Can you go swimming in the ocean? 🌊 Isn’t it cold?
A – Locals swim in the ocean year-round and consider it part of their health routine. The water is believed to have beneficial properties, and also walking along the beach 🏖 improves your respiration and mental wellness. The elderly chose to wear wetsuits, especially in the winter, and I often see them aqua jogging. Of course, summer is the best time for swimming here. Natural salt-water pools, built around the 1920s, are free and open to the public.

Planning a trip to France? Check out my guide! Link in bio 👆👆👆

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

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